Children Learn to Read – Parents Relax!


Parents have always been encouraged to take part in their children’s education as they learn to read.  Kristin is a mom who has found another route – one where she can relax as her children learn to read on their own.

“I know there are lots of online educational tools out there, but honestly I have never seen a program like this before.  Reading Kingdom is an adaptive reading and writing program that is personalized for each student which they can use on their own.  With the help of skills tests, the program gauges the needs of your child and guides their learning so they can get the best possible results.  My daughter’s first skills test determined where her learning should start and off she was on her daily lessons on the Reading Kingdom.  I really love how things are set up in the program.  It guides her on her own to do what is needed for each lesson without the need for assistance from me.  I merely sit back and watch as she completes her tasks.  In fact, the program gives all of the assistance they need and will prompt your child, give clues, and any other help.  It’s amazing seeing her triumph and gain confidence in her abilities…I can tell you that we have absolutely LOVED using Reading Kingdom in our home.” — Kristin Wynder

Join the thousands of parents who watch with approval as their children learn to read on their own – sign up for a free 30 day trial and see why Reading Kingdom is known as “the new way to learn to read”.  Lingo and company will see you soon!