Children Learn to Read with a Well Rounded Program


The secret to building a strong foundation in literacy is revealed through Reading Kingdom’s unique approach.  Robyn is a mom who found that children not only learn to read well with our program, but love to “play” it on their own!  Here’s what she had to say:

“Reading Kingdom is an online reading and writing program designed for children ages 4-10. It allows the child to work at his/her own pace–and to work independently. My daughter Rebekah loved the fact that the ‘rules say’ that mom can’t help. She has to do it all by herself.

I liked the interactive nature that keeps Rebekah engaged in ‘playing’ the games for about a half hour at a time. She’s playing, but learning at the same time. It took us a couple sessions to get her advanced through the testing to the level she is actually at. Once we got there, she enjoyed the program more as it is the right amount of challenge for her. She took to the program right away and never looked back.

I liked the many areas of reading that the software covers. Reading Kingdom teaches sequencing, motor skills, sounds, meaning, grammar and comprehension. It’s a very well rounded program. It’s a program that we have enjoyed using. I think it’s appropriate for a wide variety of learning styles and skill levels.” – Robyn Roberts

Sign up for a free 30 day trial to see how the Reading Kingdom online learning program customizes itself to children, and helps them learn to read with the patented “6-SIM” Six Skill Integrated Method.   Lingo and company will see you soon!