Children are Learning to Read Immediately!

Children learn to read from the moment they start playing the Reading Kingdom online learning game. From the first level to successful completion, kids learn literacy skills that will create a lifelong love of reading.

Leslie introduced her daughter to Reading Kingdom and was happily surprised to see immediate results. Here’s what she has to say about our approach to teaching kids how to read.

“My daughter learned how to type capitals and use punctuation in her sentences during the first level. She learned where all the letters were on the keyboard too, which helps her in the next levels (and life, actually 😉 ). YAY!  The lessons are fun and she is able to do it all on her own, which is nice too! She has learned so much more than keyboarding too as she works through the lessons each day. I just asked her what her favorite thing about Reading Kingdom is and she replied, “When we get to practice one word at a time.” I like that too – they drill in one word until you can spell it, read it and understand it before moving on to another word.

Even though she logs into her own account and does the lessons on her own, I can log into my account and see where she is at in the program and how she is doing. They also send emails periodically that contain a progress report. When she logs in, she can see this image that shows how far along she is in the level and she gets “stamps” in her reading passport when she earns a certain amount of points (she likes this feedback and will do an additional lesson if she is close to getting that next stamp!).

I love that they have such a passion for this that if the money is truly an issue, you can contact them and they will work with you on the cost. What companies do that? I can’t think of any! Also, it is FREE for the first month. What do you have to lose?  Go try it out!” – Leslie Everett

Leslie’s right, what do you have to lose?  Sign up for a free 30 day trial of Reading Kingdom and get your child learning to read right away!