Children learning to read produces proud parents!


Renita and family

Renita’s daughter is learning to read with Reading Kingdom.  With other online learning programs, children often become frustrated, bored or stuck.  Lingo and the characters of Reading Kingdom help children take steps toward reading success.  Here’s what Renita has to say about her daughter’s experience with Reading Kingdom:

“I want to tell you about this great program called Reading Kingdom…We started Reading Kingdom a few weeks ago, and I was shocked the first few days that we worked with it.  The lessons were manageable, even for Lydia!  Actually she finished 3 lessons one day in about half the time it would’ve taken her to do her old lessons.  And the amount of information covered was great…As a child is working their way through the lessons; they are able to get help reading just in case they are not sure.

The program doesn’t leave them hanging and frustrated.  I noticed a couple of times, even though I was in the same room with her; Lydia was having trouble with a word.  The program helped her figure it out.  She was pretty excited…She likes the short lessons and the “Guess what I just typed!!!” screams I get from her computer area are very encouraging to me.” — Renita Kuehner

Watching children build confidence in their reading abilities gives parents’ an indescribable feeling.  Let the good feelings flow – click here to sign your kids up for 30 days free at the Reading Kingdom.  We hope to see you soon!