Children and self-esteem: How to Make Mealtimes Fun

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One of the ways to build a child’s sense of self-worth is to ensure that eating and mealtimes go smoothly. (For more about children and self-esteem, see our activities for kids page.) Below are my tips for making mealtimes enjoyable.

How to Make Mealtimes Fun

  • Get the fork to talk or play airplanes.
  • Have tea with another child who is a good eater and be amazed and delighted by the other child.
  • Sing fun songs or play their favorite music.
  • Get teddy to join in – one for teddy – one for you.
  • Have tea in a tent or at a small table with all their toys – get creative and change the atmosphere.
  • Play shops, restaurants and cafes with your toddler and let them help prepare the food and taste what they have made.
  • Make mealtimes a family time where you all sit down and relax together and your toddler will relax too and enjoy the sociability of the family spending time eating together.

This daily diary will help you to plan your child’s diet, ensuring that they get just the right amount of proteins, vitamins, and carbohydrates that are so important.

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