Children’s furniture that will make grown-ups very jealous.

“I love finding really special pieces of furniture.” – Ellen DeGeneres

Furniture for adults can be creative, but most of it doesn’t come close to the cool children’s furniture that is both creative and FUN! Here’s some children’s furniture so unique that even Ellen would want be happy to take it home!

“Even when they don’t have anything special about them, children’s furniture are adorable – because, you know, they are tiny, and for children! So when you add great, imaginative design you get something properly amazing pieces of furniture that you really wish you could use too. We’ve collected a few: the bad news is that you are too big for most of them. But the good news is that you still get to keep them in your house!

1 – A tree bookcase

Creatd by Korean designer Shawn Soh, this tree-shaped bookshelf would look fantastic in any child’s room. Maybe your kid will let you keep one or two of your books on it too, if you ask nicely.

2 – A tiny bright armchair

Made by Italian furniture company Adrenalina, this funny-shaped, bright couch comes in different colors and just the right size for a child to sit comfortably on it (the company makes a version for adults too, but we’re afraid it’s not this adorable).

3 – A chest of drawers with a funny face

Designed in eco-friendly materials by Japanese designer Hiromatsu, this chest of drawers is a little tired of being opened all the time! Don’t you want to take it home right away?

4 – A wave chair

This modern-looking, stylish child-sized chaise longue by Danish company Utzon Kids comes in different colors to match it to your home: it’s a proper piece of adult furniture in tiny size.

5 – Bunny chairs and table

Again by Hiromatsu, these chairs with rabbit ears and table are made with the best eco-friendly materials and are possibly the cutest, most fun place for your kids to sit at and draw, or play with Timbuktu!

6 – A soft colorful chair

Again by Adrenalina, this collection of soft, colorful chairs is fantastic. The hardest part is probably choosing what color to pick – we quite fancy the yellow, and you?

7 – A skyscraper closet

Made by Dutch company Kast van een Huis, these dressers are fun, colorful and can easily be made modular: as your kids’ wardrobe grows, so does the city in their room!

8 – Something playful

Are these stools, mattress, cushions or pieces to learn geometry? Either way, having these pieces designed by Agati in their room will greatly stimulate your kids imagination and creativity.

9 – A jungle

This set of tables, chairs and shelves inspired by the jungle made by My Own Super Studio can be a great game to play for grown-ups too. The neat, modern design is great, and what’s even worse is you can compose the pieces as you wish – like LEGO furniture of sorts.”

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