Top 10 Children’s Literature Books

“There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate’s loot on Treasure Island.” — Walt Disney

Children’s literature books are a wonderful way to encourage kids to continue reading as they get older.  These books often contain more pages and an in-depth storyline that will captivate young readers’ interest, chapter after chapter. Today we’re here to share 10 of our favorites!

Here are our top 10 children’s literature books!

10. The Invention of Hugo Cabret
The Invention of Hugo Cabret” by Brian Selznick is an extraordinary story told uniquely through illustration and text. In 1930’s Paris, 12 year old Hugo is orphaned and living alone in a train station beneath the streets.

Follow Hugo’s struggle to survive in a magnificent tale that covers 544 hefty pages, as he befriends a young girl and man from the train station to solve mysteries on his journey to understand his heritage and place in the world.

9. The Magician’s Elephant
The Magician’s Elephant” by Kate DiCamillo is a breathtaking piece of literature that is guaranteed to provide many interesting discussions for you and your young reader.  Follow the story of Peter Augustus Duchene, an orphan, who goes on an errand to buy fish and bread, but meets a fortune teller where he uses all his money to buy a reading to learn if his sister is still alive…

With interesting characters and a brilliantly written storyline, DiCamillo has produced an exciting story that will have your reader entranced!

8. Masterpiece
Masterpiece” by Elise Broach is a wonderful piece of children’s literature that lives up to its title in every aspect. The story follows James, who is a lonely 11 year-old boy living with his mother, step-father, and baby brother in a small New York City apartment.

James’ receives a visit from his father, who gives him a pen-and-ink set that turns into the creation of a plot to set up and capture an art thief. Along the way, James meets and becomes friends with a talking beetle named Marvin. Through the story, James and Marvin’s friendship grows and they learn to communicate, although Marvin never actually “speaks” to James.

This book teaches children about honesty, integrity and relationships through subtle messages that they will find helpful in the future when faced with their own situations.

7. The Fingertips of Duncan Dorfman
Scrabble fans unite! “The Fingertips of Duncan Dorfman” by Meg Wolitzer is a splendid story of three tweens who strive to compete and win the national Youth Scrabble Tournament.

This wonderful novelist is perfect to introduce to your young readers. It also serves as a great vocabulary builder!

6. Ragweed
classic-childrens-literature-ragweed-aviThe story of “Ragweed” by Newbury Honor author, Avi, follows a young mouse who tells his own story of personal growth.
“Ragweed” teaches an important lesson that we can sit around and let things happen, or do something about them. This thrilling children’s literature book is sure to keep your kids attention throughout the entire story with the excitement and drama that fills every page.

5. Holes
Holes” by Louis Sachar is a multi-award winning book that can be considered a perfect fit for any bookshelf. With the perfect blend of wit, thrill, tension and intellect, this fast-paced read delivers a story filled with meaning and positive messages.

With “Holes”, Sachar creates an intense story that appropriate for fourth grade and up.

4. Ramona Quimby, Age 8
Ramona Quimby, Age 8” by Beverly Cleary is the perfect book to show young readers that they are not alone in dealing with the challenges life can bring.

Ramona enters the third grade at a new school as her family is under a lot of pressure. With her mother working and her father back to college, she makes the commitment to do her share for the family. Ramona experiences endless encounters that plague her days as she tries to cope. She accidentally crushes a raw egg into her hair at the school cafeteria, is forced to play Uncle Rat with her annoying young neighbor, and, worst of all, throws up in her classroom. But Ramona is far too optimistic and energetic to be down for long.

Throughout, her thought processes are amusing, touching, and revealing. This is the sort of children’s literature book that shows young readers that they are not alone in dealing with life’s trials and tribulations.

3. Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry
Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry” by Mildred Taylor shows the resolve of a family to work through the many obstacles and horrors thrown into their path.

In this striking example of the human spirit, the Logan family – a black family during the depression in the south stick together in an incredible display of solidarity. As they struggle to keep their farm, they show resiliency and although against all odds, follow the lead of the mother to stand up against the system that is set to take them down.

2. Bridge to Terabithia
Bridge to Terabithia” by Katherine Paterson is an award winning story of two lonely children who create a magical forest kingdom. The time they spend in Terabithia gives them the strength to cope with the trials of everyday life. The book has been the subject of controversy. Some feel its themes may be too intense for children; others have been concerned about some of the religious issues that it raises. However, its power to touch emotions is profound.

Children should be reading at about a 5th grade level to read this book on their own.

1. Shiloh
Shiloh” by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor follows 11 year-old Marty Preston as he finds a mistreated beagle pup in his West Virginia hometown.

Along with loving and caring for the dog, Marty faces a host of ethical questions: Should he return the dog to its owner only to have the animal face further abuse again? Should he tell his parents? Should he steal food that the dog needs to survive?
The link between dogs and people is amazingly powerful and this Newberry Award Winner shows just how deep and complex the relationship can be.

Have your kids read any or all of these Children’s Literature Books? Share which ones they love most in the comments below!

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