Classic books for kids: Skinny Bones


Skinny Bones by Barbara Park is one of the Reading Kingdom’s recommended classic books for kids. Melissa Gaynor explains why:

What You Need to Know:

• Written in 1982, Skinny Bones continues to entertain more than 25 years later.
• The main character, Alex, struggles as an athlete but compensates with his sense of humor.
• Short, with limited descriptive language and easy to read.
• The book is written in the first person, making Alex especially accessible to the reader. They can almost feel what it
is like to be in his shoes.
• For fans of Alex, the fun continues in Almost Starring Skinny Bones.
• Park touches on some of the typical social challenges that a sixth grade boy might face, without including anything
inappropriate for the age group.


Alex Frankovitch is a skinny little sixth grade boy who is lacking in athletic ability but has no shortage of jokes. He worries about being so tiny, hates that he always has to wear a size “small” and brings in a picture of the Lucky Charms guy because that’s what he thinks he’s going to be when he grows up – the size of a leprechaun. So you can see that he has a great, dry sense of humor. His mom is pretty funny too so maybe he gets it from her. The story centers on Alex’s experiences at home and at school and how he interacts with the people in his life.”

Have your children read Skinny Bones? What did they think of the book?

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