Comprehensive & Fun Reading For Your 1st Grade Kids

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When this busy mom of two learned about the Reading Kingdom online reading program for kids, she was curious to know if it would help her daughter achieve her goals in reading. Did it work? Find out by reading what she had to say!

“When my daughter started preschool this year, she filled out a survey about her likes/dislikes and what she was looking forward to and what she wanted to learn…her answer was reading. So, when I learned about the online program, Reading Kingdom, I was curious, would this be a tool that could help my daughter achieve her goal?

[Reading Kingdom] very systematically moves them through the process, introducing them to new words and teaching them the building blocks. With each section, there are more words and the words and stories become more complex….I can already tell that this program, coupled with what her teachers are helping her learn at school is really getting her moving towards reading. The other night, she read a book to me. It was rather cool. I look forward to her continued progress in her quest to learn to read.”

– Angela Bartiromo

If you want your child to get off to a great start in preschool reading, check out the Reading Kingdom learning software and game. The Reading Kingdom is the only program to teach all six skills required for reading and writing success! Sign up today for a free trial!