Cute kids stories with pictures: Wanted: The Perfect Pet

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If you’re looking for kids stories with pictures, we recommend “Wanted: The Perfect Pet” by Fiona Roberton. Melissa Young explains why:

What You Need to Know:

• This is a very clever and original picture book that begs to be read again and again.
• The illustrations are truly laugh-out-loud, making the droll text even funnier.
• The author is from London. The humor in this book is very sophisticated and British, my favorite kind!


Henry wants a dog. Duck wants a friend. Will they find each other? You bet! In this very entertaining story, we meet Henry first. He truly wants man’s best friend, a dog! His mother says, “…you already have 27 different varieties of frog, surely they are enough?” But, no, Henry wants a dog. He puts a want ad in the paper and he waits.

Across town there is duck. He lives alone. Nobody ever calls, emails, or writes. He plays alone, reads alone, and does everything all by himself everyday:(. But then Duck sees Henry’s ad. Duck thinks, I can be a dog! Duck proceeds to customize the perfect dog costume and heads over to Henry’s house.

Duck (dog) and Henry have a terrific day together doing all the things dogs and their owners do, until Duck gets too tired. And Duck isn’t very good at catching and chasing. Finally, his dog costume falls apart. Here is the best part of the story. When Duck is standing there, in all his sad, duck glory, Henry scoops him up and takes him home. No matter that he isn’t a dog, a beautiful friendship is born. Be sure not to miss my favorite page, when Henry takes Duck home and gives him “…a nice hot bath and a cup of tea.” The picture on this page of Duck after Henry blow dries his feathers is priceless!”

Have your children read Wanted: The Perfect Pet? What did they think of the book?

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