Dad Creates Mini ‘Peloton’ so Toddler Could Feel Included During His Workouts

By Yael Meshulam for

Getting and staying in shape requires time, effort, and consistency. Before having kids, going to the gym may have been a habit you didn’t think a whole lot about. You went to work, went to the gym, and enjoyed the night to yourself. After having kids though, time and energy are in a laughably short supply. To make hitting the gym a little easier, one creative dad found a way to include his toddler in his workouts. The adorable duo can be found getting their sweat on side by side thanks to dad’s hilarious creation – a tot-sized Peloton bike.

Kids naturally try to mirror their parents, copying behaviors they see at home as they learn to navigate the world around them. It’s no surprise that after seeing her dad use his own exercise equipment, Maelynn Jane became increasingly curious about the strange machines. To allow Maelynn to safely explore the world of fitness, her dad brought things down to her level.

In a TikTok video Maelynn’s mom, Jaden shared, the crafty dad takes us through his tike bike makeover. He starts with a regular old kid’s stationary bike (which exist, for some reason?) and painted it jet black. Using the real deal as a guide, he added some red detailing before sticking on the finishing touch – a perfect replica of the Peloton logo.

Finally, it’s time to take it for a test ride. Maelynn fearlessly approaches her new bike, swinging one little leg over the top and plopping herself down on the bike seat. The barefoot toddler does her very best, adorably swinging her legs out behind her and bouncing up and down. She turns to watch her dad riding his own bike next to her, and his enormous grin says it all.

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