Dad Spends 18 Months Building Daughter Fairytale Bedroom (Complete With Giant Tree!)

By Christine Erickson, Yahoo News


One little girl’s fairy tale dreams came to life in her bedroom, thanks to the incredible work of her dad.

Reddit user  Raddamshome transformed his daughter’s bedroom into a fairy forest, complete with a giant tree that she can climb up or sit in. The project took 350 hours to complete over the course of 18 months, since he was working on weekends and weeknights between a demanding gig as a video game artist.

This was no cheap undertaking. Raddamshome admits the entire project cost about $4,250, including room renovations. He even paid for a private welding class – a skill that will likely pay off in the long run.

Like any home renovation, there were safety issues that were handled by professionals. Since the entire tree was wired with string lights, he consulted with a private fire protection engineer and a residential fire prevention specialist from the local fire department. The tree got the unofficial seal of approval from both.

The final result is stunning, but the level of planning and detail that went into every phase is impressive. The dad admits to being “a perfectionist,” and the proof is in the scale model, the welded skeleton of the tree and the fairy-like details that make this tree truly magical.

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