Daycare Confessions

I’m a working mom, which means my kids are in daycare. No, it was not an easy choice for me or my husband, but it was a necessary choice and every day we wonder if we are making the right decision.

But this post is not about deciding to put your kids in daycare. It’s about what they learn at daycare.

Admittedly, my kids’ days outside of my home are not in my control. They say kids pick up everything at school, but people always focus on the bad things. I’m here to tell you kids can learn a lot at daycare.

Like the time my daughter came home singing the ABCs. Did I teach her that? Nope. In fact, I didn’t even know it would be appropriate to teach an 18-month-old the ABC’s. But they did, and she picked it up like that.

Or how about all the songs she loves to sing? Sally the Camel, Wheels on the Bus, The Itsy Bitsy Spider – some of these are songs I barely remember, or don’t know at all. But now? She sings to herself while she plays, and it. is. adorable.

Of course, no one could argue the social skills children pick up at daycare are amazing, and when I watch her interact with other children, I am so impressed with her charm. She says “please” and “thank you.” She says “-suse me!” when she wants someone to move or wants to get by. And she is a great “helper” to the other kids and teachers telling them “Drink your milk!” or picking up toys to help her caregivers out.

Sure, we teach her to be polite and kind, but daycare is reinforcing what we teach. Plus, daycare does more with her than I could do in one day while juggling my work-at-home tasks.

I do believe stay at home moms are the superheros of today’s world, but honestly? I’d put my child’s day caregivers right up there with them.