The Dog That Pitched a No-Hitter

The Dog That Pitched A No-Hitter  is a story for children who love sports.  The book is reviewed by Melissa Y. at Sweet on Books.

What you need to know:

• This series is great for your sports-crazed young reader.
• It is an old series – some are still available new and some you can get used or through your library.
• I find it worth recommending because it fills a niche that is lacking: sports books for the newest readers, especially
for reluctant (boy) readers.
• The story line is simple and easy to follow, with play by play action, so again, let me stress, this is for the sports
lover – particularly baseball.

Sweet Series Background:

This is an old series (written in the 80s) by the prolific author, Matt Christopher, who has written countless middle grade sports books. This series is about a young boy named Mike and his dog, Harry. Harry and Mike share a special, secret talent, they can talk to each other telepathically. Harry is a funny little dog, and helps Mike out of many a sports jam and consequently, larger life issues.

While it is not the most exciting or well-written (in-fact a little boring and “moral” heavy), it is something that is missing in children’s literature. My now 11 year old boy was a very reluctant, late-blooming reader and at the library, bookstore and book fair he was so drawn to all the Matt Christopher titles, but they were way out of his league. If I could have offered this series then, he would have been in heaven. Anything to get them to read!

Sweet Book Summary:

Mike is on deck to pitch against the the toughest team in the league, and he is scared! Harry, his dog, intends to help. During the game, while Mike is pitching wildly, Harry tries to calm him with instruction on what kind of pitches will work and result in winning the game. But Mike is just too nervous to listen. When it looks like the Peach Street Mudders (the title of another easy-reader series by Christopher) are going to win, and Mike is just not pitching well, Harry takes the situation into his own paws, and distracts the crowd entertainingly. Harry gets the crowd distracted enough that Mike can calm down and pitch the way he is capable of and win the game. Again, while not the most winning series, Christopher does get some suspense into the story. And if I felt the suspense, your sports fanatics most certainly will.

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