Dragon stories for kids: My Father’s Dragon

“My Father’s Dragon” by Ruth Stiles Gannet is one our favorite dragon stories for kids. Melissa Gaynor  from Sweet on Books explains why:

What You Need to Know:

• Although it was written more than 50 years ago, My Father’s dragon succeeds in keeping today’s readers intrigued and involved in the story.
• It is an exciting read-aloud for younger readers and will also keep adults entertained. Keep in mind that there are some scary parts like when Elmer is in the jungle trying to escape from being eaten.
• It is inspirational to see how Elmer thinks “outside the box” to get through some sticky situations.
• Elmer is clever and brave although he does disobey his mother to go on his adventure.
• Despite a few scary moments, this story is a beautiful one, highlighting the excitement of exploring new worlds and making new discoveries.
• Throughout the story, Elmer comes to know himself better and what he is capable of handling.
• There are two more books that follow in this series, Elmer and the Dragon and the Dragons of Blueland, however each book can really stand on its own.
• My Father’s Dragon is a classic that should definitely be on your child’s bookshelf so it can be read again and again.


The narrator tells the story of his father, Elmer and how he met a talking alley cat. Elmer brings the cat home but his mother is not happy about it and tosses the cat out. Elmer rebels and decides to bring the cat some milk. They talk and he tells the cat that he wishes he could fly – and the cat says he may have a solution. The cat tells of the Island of Tangerina and Wild Island, where a baby dragon fell from the sky and was captured by the other animals and forced to carry passengers back and forth across the river. The cat suggests that Elmer go off to rescue the dragon and then it will take him flying. Elmer, still mad at his mother for the way she treated the cat, decides to go – and that begins an incredible fantasy-filled adventure.”

Have your children read My Father’s Dragon? What did they think of the book?

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