Drawing apps for kids: DoodleCast for Kids

DoodleCast for Kids is one of Reading Kingdom’s recommended drawing apps for kids. Tim Donovan from YogiPlay explains why:

“Are you a parent who’s looking for an innovative creative app to entertain that special child who loves to draw?

Well then look no further, as we have the perfect YogiPlay favorite app to recommend!

Introducing DoodleCast For Kids, created by the award-winning (Parents’ Choice Foundation Gold Award ★ Editor’s Choice Children’s Technology Review) team at Zinc Roe.

For those parents who might not be familiar with DoodleCast for Kids, this unique drawing app allows children to record their voices as they draw. Then there is a play-back feature that turns each drawing into a mini, narrated animation that’s super fun to watch.

Parents will also love the simple export feature that makes it easy to share your child’s creations with family and friends.

We’re sure that renowned educationalist, Sir. Ken Robinson would have loved this app if it were available when he was a child.  You see Sir Robinson, who is a true champion of creative learning used a similar format of narration +  animated drawing for his now famous viral video “Changing Education Paradigms“.

We highly recommend watching Sir. Robinson’s video on the value of creative thinking, if you’ve not seen this before.

While DoodleCast for Kids will cost you $1.99 to download, the app is well worth it.  This is also another great app to keep your kids occupied during those long, lazy summer afternoons.”

Click here to download DoodleCast for Kids

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