Duck for President


Duck for President is a wonderful story that teaches children about how elections work.  The book is reviewed by Sweet on Books.

What You Need to Know:

• The duck books are a rollicking good time, a reading experience that both children and adults will equally enjoy.

• This picture book would make a great read aloud for a young audience.

• For an older audience, this would be an appropriate read-aloud for an example of the election process and a great example of witty writing.

Sweet Book Summary:

Duck is fed up with his chores and wonders who put Farmer Brown in charge.  He decides what the farm needs is an election and a new leader.  “Vote Duck, for a kinder, gentler farm”.  Duck  campaigns, wins the Presidency, and quickly realizes running a country is no fun at all! Cronin tells the story in a humorous way to appeal to both children and adults. Lewin’s illustrations add volumes to the comedy of this funny, little story.  And as a bonus, it is a nice little depiction of the electoral process.  It is not going to explain the process or the Presidency like a non-fiction title, but it will be quite appropriate during an election season as a tangible and easily understandable story of an election and subsequent responsibilities of the leadership.  It is also quite appropriate whenever a funny story is needed!

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