Educational activities for kids: How to Make Your Own Reed Boat

Do you have a child, or a classroom full of children excited to explore the fascinating civilization of Ancient Egypt? Then you’ll love this Reading Kingdom recommended educational activities for kids.

Explore Ancient Egypt! 25 Projects, Activities, Experiments by Carmella Van Vleet is an activity book for young readers ages 6 – 9. The book features 25 hands-on projects, activities, and experiments about pyramids, mummies, amulets, temples, and pharaohs. Kids learn about ancient Egyptian homes, food, money, toys, games, makeup, clothes, kings, mummies, and more.

Click here to download this great educational activity for kids: How to Make Your Own Reed Boat
Here’s what author Carmella Van Vleet has to say about this activity:

“Reed boats were made out of the reeds of a papyrus plant. Because the reeds were bundled together, the ends of the boat curved up. Most ancient Egyptians used reed boats. Wooden boats were expensive. This is because there weren’t many trees in the desert, and the trees that were there didn’t make good planks. Wood had to come from other countries. Here’s a way to make a model of a reed boat that really floats. You will be using spray paint for this project, so you’ll need a grownup around.”

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