Educational activities for kids: How to make your own soccer ball

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Do you have children interested in soccer and adventure? Then you’ll love this Reading Kingdom recommended educational activities for kids.

Soccer World South Africa: Explore the World through Soccer by Ethan Zohn and David Rosenberg is a book for young readers ages 6 – 9. The book follows the adventures of real-life pro soccer player Ethan Zohn, who takes his readers on the first Soccer World adventure to South Africa, home of the World Cup in 2010. The journey ends with a chance to choose an actual help project in South Africa to make a difference there.

Click here to download this excellent educational activity for kids: How to make your own soccer ball

Here’s what authors Ethan Zohn and David Rosenberg have to say about this activity:

“This is like building a string ball or a tin foil ball. Start with the golf ball or rock at the center. Wrap it with a layer of rags. Tie it by winding the string around and around in all different directions. Tie the two ends of the string together with a knot. Wrap your ball with a layer of bags. Tie it in the same way.”

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