Educational Apps for Kids: Montessori Geometry

Montessori Geometry is one of Reading Kingdom’s recommended educational apps for kids.  Carolina Nugent explains why:

“Montessori Geometry is the most comprehensive geometry app we have seen to date. The app is filled with games, free exploration activities and other learning gems in the traditional style of Maria Montessori. There are games for playing with shapes, learning activities that connect kids to seeing shapes in the “real world” and a dynamic 3D exploration activity for kids to rotate and interact with every side of the shape. The app presents the formal language for all of the shapes so you won’t just hear circle and triangle, but the specific technical terms. The games are in the classic Montessori style so kids are able to use self-correction and move from activity to activity. There is also nice point tracking feature where kids can earn medals while they are playing.”

Montessori Geometry is now available on iTunes. Download it here for only $4.99

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