Educational games for preschoolers: Play Doh

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For young children who are not yet reading, there are a number of educational games for preschoolers that develop the skills required for reading.

Recommended educational game for preschoolers – Play Doh

There are two sets of physical skills that lay the foundation to learn to read and write. Adults often take them for granted, since we mastered them a long time ago, but they must be learned by a young child before he or she learns to read. One of them is visual sequencing and the other is motor skills.

Motor skills must be in place in order for a child to be able to create (write) letters. Games like Play Doh are excellent for developing motor skills.

Requirements: Play doh!

How to play: Roll out play doh and make simple shapes that the child has to reproduce.

Skills developed: Develops motor skills, which is a requirement for reading.

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