Educational Resources Lingo Likes: New York Times’ Learning Network



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With the many educational resources available today, it’s good to have a website full of quality information on hand that’s updated on a regular basis. That’s why the site we like this week is the Learning Network from the New York Times.  Here’s more about them from their website:

educational resources
“The Learning Network provides teaching and learning materials and ideas based on New York Times content.  Teachers can use or adapt our lessons across subject areas and levels or contribute their own ideas.  Students can respond to our Opinion questions, take our News Quizzes, learn the Word of the Day, try our Test Yourself questions, enter contests, do crosswords, learn about what happened on this day in history, answer 6 Q’s About the News, speculate on “What’s Going On in This Picture?” or read our Poetry Pairings.  Join the conversation by commenting on any post. We’d love to hear what you think!”

To find out more about the New York Times Learning Network, please visit their website.  You can also join Reading Kingdom’s network of learning professionals and enthusiasts on Facebook and Twitter.

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