Educational Website Lingo Likes: Spatulatta


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Children use up a lot of energy as they learn to read, write, spell, and play all day long.   It’s important that they learn about the “farm to fork process” and which wholesome foods will properly fuel their growing bodies with the nutrition they need as they learn and grow.  That’s why Spatulatta is an educational website Lingo Likes.  Here’s more about them from their website:

educational website for kids

Spatulatta‘s intent is to present a fun and compelling website that will help foster a whole new generation of young cooks, not only by introducing cooking skills, but also through modeling behavior for using healthy, fresh, basic ingredients with a minimum of processing.

Spatulatta will encourage children to eat well, to take pride in their accomplishments in the kitchen and to understand the connection between farm and dinner table.

A secondary aim is to encourage children to tap into the wealth of knowledge and experience they can gain from the adults and elders in their families. By encouraging children to ask their family members and friends for recipes and to cook those dishes together, we hope to strengthen intergenerational bonds.”

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