Educational Websites Lingo Likes: Edufy


Giving teachers tools to find and share quality educational resources helps them to provide an excellent education for children.  That’s why the educational website we recommend this week is  Here’s more about them from their site:

educational websitesEdufy was started by an Earth Science teacher who, after a number of years struggling to find activities to effectively engage his students, decided his students deserved better and he had to find a better way. Recognizing many of his peers shared in this struggle he decided to ask three friends from the e-learning software industry to help him build a website that would enable teachers to come together to share in the development of quality learning activities. Inspired by the traditional Share-a-thon, Edufy uses the latest in web technology to enable teachers from anywhere in the world to pool together their expertise and develop an open and dynamic catalogue of the highest quality learning activities.

We provide a platform to find, share, and edit high quality learning activities shared by other teachers with a focus on STEM education. Edufy makes great teaching easier by providing a broad range of activities that can be mixed and matched to build a learning experience to meet every student’s learning needs on every topic. The community of teachers shares their best content, which can be rated and maintained by other users. These learning blocks make it easy to build lessons that appropriately challenge every student, and finding the right content is fast because search terms and matches are organized using educational criteria.

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