Educational Websites Lingo Likes: Nourish Interactive


To be able to fill kids’ minds with information, you need to fill their bellies with the nutrition that gives them energy to learn.  That’s why Nourish Interactive is one of the educational websites Lingo likes this week.  Here’s more about them from their website:

We are web based company that is dedicated to supporting parents by providing them with useful information to help them improve their families’ health and educating children about the importance of nutrition and exercise.

We believe in the power of prevention and that starts by investing in our children’s health today. We acknowledge and support the key roles of both the parents and the health educators.

As an organization, we value hard work, honesty and fun. These are key elements in everything we do.

We are very proud to share our Showcase page of national and local organizations that link to us and share our resources with their members. You may also want to read our Visitor Comments and hear how our resources are helping families and children every day.

Mission Statement

Nourish Interactive’s mission is to offer fun, innovative solutions that empower children to make healthy choices. We support parents and teachers with free interactive games and tools that promote a healthier lifestyle.

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