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A visit to the local science center  is a wondrous experience for both young and old. But if you’ve only got a few minutes to explore the joy of science, the kids will love educational websites like Wonderville.  Here’s more about them from their  website:


Wonderville is a fun, interactive destination for kids to discover the exciting world of science. This award-winning site encourages exploration and curiosity, while helping kids discover how much fun science can be.

Who provides

Wonderville is brought to you by Mindfuel formerly (Science Alberta Foundation), a non-profit organization committed to increasing science literacy and awareness. Edacity develops engaging resources that bring math and science to life and foster an enthusiasm for science and technology.


Adventure through the wide selection of more than 30 games at wonderville. Building science knowledge has never been so much fun! These exciting games, designed with leading learning techniques, will have kids learning challenging concepts without even knowing it.


Need a way to bring more science into your kid’s life? Look to our activities section. We have a wide selection of science crosswords, word search puzzles and printable activity sheets that will turn science into a fun adventure at home!


For kids wondering how they will ever use science, there are videos that explore real-life applications of science concepts. Many videos provide an exciting behind the scenes look at science-based careers for those kids exploring a world full of fascinating careers.


Laughing at our comics is a great way to learn engaging science facts. Kids will be able to not only better understand a topic but also see how science is present into their everyday lives.

The Science Content

While having fun with wonderville’s games, activities, videos and comics, kids will be presented with interesting science facts. Of course, all of these facts are vetted by experts to ensure accuracy.

What is the cost to use

Free! There is no cost to use all of the amazing resources available on This site is made possible by grants from MindFuel sponsors and donors.

Visit the Reading Kingdom and sign up for a free 30 day free trial.  While there, be sure to check out the scientific educational activities from our blog!