Educational Websites: The Scale of The Universe

“The universe is wider than our views of it.” – Henry David Thoreau

Our mascot Lingo flies through the Internet to find the best educational websites and learning resources available for teachers and students.  Although the Internet is vast (in an entirely non-physical way), it is nowhere near the size of the collection of stars, galaxies, etc. that we’ve come to know as “The Universe”.

how big is the universe

If you are wondering just how vast the Universe is, this mind-boggling visual presentation created by twin brothers Cary and Michael Huang will give you a clear idea.  This informative website lets you zoom all the way in to see the “quantum foam of space-time” (also known as the fabric of the Universe), and all the way out to the edges of existence known to humankind.

See the scale of the Universe here, prepare to feel particularly small and exceptionally big – at the same time.

Explore the solar system and make your own solar eclipse with this educational activity book for kids.

Now that we’ve finished sharing this exciting educational website, Lingo is off on another adventure through space and time!  Once you’ve explored the scale of the Universe, see how Reading Kingdom is creating a massive impact on our own little corner of it with a free 30 day trial to our online reading program