Ethan Sonneborn can’t drive but he can run for governor

Dara Elasfar for The Washington Post

Ethan Sonneborn has a message for you: Get involved in politics and make a difference in the world.

Ethan won’t be spending his summer break traveling or hanging out at the pool. He will be campaigning to become Vermont’s youngest governor. Family members weren’t surprised when he decided to run, because he was always passionate about politics. Ethan says they are still adjusting but remain supportive of him.

But how can a kid who isn’t old enough to vote run for governor? He did his homework! Last year, Ethan had to look up Vermont’s constitution for a seventh-grade class assignment and noticed that there was no age requirement for governor. (Kansas is the only other state not to have an age requirement for governor.) That summer, he decided to put his name on the ballot.

The Democratic primary in Vermont will be held August 14. If Ethan wins, he will face the current governor, Republican Phil Scott, on November 6.

Ethan’s focus is on improving health care, schools and the economy. He says these are things that will affect young people’s futures in a big way. He has become a superstar in his town of Bristol. Even with all the fame and hard work, he’s still a kid who enjoys running, playing basketball and fishing. Get to know Ethan and learn about the start of his political career at 13.

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