7 excellent homework tips for parents


If nightly homework in your family is an unpleasant chore fraught with nagging, fights, tears or resistance, here are some simple homework tips for parents to help things run more smoothly.

7 excellent homework tips for parents

  1. Set up periods of work that are defined and regular.
  2. Do not bargain with your child or try to cajole him/her into the work.
  3. Show exactly what the tasks are.
  4. Be available the entire time (if needed) but do not question or intervene, just be available if needed
  5. Give a short break (5 minutes) between different kinds of homework assignments or activities.
  6. Don’t preach. (Avoid saying things like “see how easy it was”, or “if you had started right away, we would have been finished ….”)
  7. If your child is older and has longer, more complex assignments with real points of difficulty, try to make things more manageable. In other words, examine the chief goal and set things up so that the work moves as easily and smoothly as possible. For example, if your child has a long book to read and s/he has problems reading, you can get the book on tape through a library, or can purchase the audio version. This will help move things along.

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