For Kids Who Need a Reading “Boost”

We asked moms to use the Reading Kingdom with their kids over the summer and let us know what they think of the program. The Goodie Site had this to say about The Reading Kingdom online learning program.

Reading Kingdom was one of the BEST trials I ever did. And the funny thing. I didn’t do anything other than sign my son up for it. He has done all the work. He adores the sessions through Reading Kingdom. Every night since his sign up he asks “When do my sessions start?” Here my unruly 7 year old who usually I fight tooth and nail to get to do his regular homework WANTS to hop online and start the newest session of Reading Kingdom. I recommend this to any parent whose children needs a extra boost in their studies. By the second night, he was comfortable with the program and the keyboard and actually argued with me that he wanted to go to start the next one instead of calling it a night. He doesn’t even realize he is learning, he thinks it’s a interactive game. Of course, I’m not going to tell him any different. The program speaks for itself when I say, sign your child up. They will WANT to do it. Plus the progress reports get sent to your email to let you know where your child stands and what program they recommend for your child. This is one program I will be purchashing when this trial when it’s over.

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