8 Fun Snow Day Activities for Kids

What to do with kids when there’s a school snow day.

By Meredith Johns, Care.com


Each winter, the same scenario plays out: parents go to bed with their driveways clear only to wake up the next morning to find it completely covered in snow and ice. Mother Nature’s great surprise! Then comes the announcement school has been canceled, leaving mom and dad struggling to find a last-minute sitter and come up with ideas to keep the kids occupied all day.

Resist the temptation to let them “veg” on the couch in front of movies or video games. Instead, be prepared this winter with these fun, creative, simple projects that will keep the kids busy during a snow day.

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  1. Create Snow Art
    Bring some color into the outdoor fun. Deanna Garretson, a mom who blogs at Domestic Chicky, recommends filling empty spray bottles or liquid dishwasher bottles with food coloring and water, then letting the kids unleash their inner winter wonderland artist! As Garretson says, “adding color to the snow is so much fun and really allows them the chance to be creative and do something different than the typical outdoor, snowy activities.” Kids can design rainbows, flowers or self-portraits or even add color to snowmen.
  2. Build a Living Room Campsite
    Kids love when their parents flip normal household routines upside down. Creating a campsite in the living room is the perfect way to take them by surprise! Turn out the lights, wear PJs, bust out the sleeping bags and sit around telling stories. If you don’t have a tent, be creative and build a fort using blankets, couch cushions and pillows. Hide marshmallows, chocolate bars and graham crackers in the pantry for snow day s’mores. Check out these fun twists on the classic camp food.

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