Funny Children’s Stories: Falling for Rapunzel


When fairytales get facelifts, they turn into funny children’s stories like Falling for Rapunzel by Leah Wilcox.  Our friends at Sweet on Books share more about this fractured fairytale:

What You Need to Know:

• This fractured fairy tale is a new and funny twist on the original Rapunzel story.
• This Rapunzel is a strong female character who does not need the male hero to rescue her.
• Look for unexpected details like a cell phone, an airplane and Little Red Riding Hood in the charming illustrations.
• The more often you read this story, the funnier it will be.


The silliness of this book will have you and your child laughing from the first line that reads “Once upon a bad hair day…” and will keep you smiling until the end. The story is a take on the Rapunzel fairy tale but this Prince can’t seem to get it right as Rapunzel repeatedly misinterprets his requests. When asked for her hair, Rapunzel offers her underwear, when asked for her tresses, Rapunzel throws down her dresses, and so on. This fairy tale does not end with the traditional “happily ever after” and may inspire interesting conversations about why Rapunzel does not choose to ride off into the sunset with her Prince, but chooses to find her own path.

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