10 Funny Kids Jokes About Animals


Jokes are a great way to connect with children.  Jokes for kids are also a positive, powerful tool that can lighten a mood, or even lift self-esteem after a bad day.  While our main focus at Reading Kingdom is to help children learn to read, no one said we couldn’t have fun as we help spread literacy across the globe.

Today, we’re letting the laughter loose as we share funny kids jokes about animals from “Real Kids’ Jokes by Real Stand-Up Comics” by Andrea Henry. These animal antics are so silly that you’ll be laughing right alongside your little ones as you share these jokes.

Here are 10 funny kids’ jokes about animals :

1. Why couldn’t the cat watch a movie on the VCR?

He kept hitting the PAWS button.

2. Why couldn’t the cat use a computer?

Because he kept attacking the mouse.

3. What do you call a pig with quills?

A PORKupine

4. Who’s the biggest gangster in the sea?

The Codfather

5. What flies and is cold?


6. What kind of public transportation does a bee take?

The Greyhound Buzz

7. If a hen opened an ice cream store, what would it be called?

The Chicken Scoop

8. Why was the turtle so shy?

Because he wouldn’t come out of his shell.

9. Why did the blues singer go to the fish market?

Because he wanted to get some sole.

10. What is a shark’s favorite sandwich?

Peanut butter and jellyfish

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