10 Funny Kids Jokes About Food


Two great ways to connect with children are through food, and kids’ jokes. Put them together, and you may just form a connection that lasts forever.   At Reading Kingdom we like to have fun as we help spread literacy across the globe.

Today we let the laughter loose as we share funny kids’ jokes about food from “Real Kids’ Jokes by Real Stand-Up Comics” by Andrea Henry. These jokes are so laughable that you’ll be busting a gut right alongside your little ones as you read them together.

Here are 10 of our favorite kids jokes about food:

Why couldn’t the eggs understand the toast?

Because it was French.

What did the vegetarian use to propose to his girlfriend?

A two carrot ring.

Why was the strawberry nervous?

She was in a jam.

What did the egg say to the cook?

You crack me up.

What sandwich is a snowman afraid of?

A turkey melt

What speech did Lincoln give with pasta sauce on his face?

The Spaghettis-burg Address

What type of soda is a good dancer?

Fred & Ginger Ale

What do you get if you mix lemons and pasta?


What cereal has inner peace?


What cheese is suitable for general audiences?

G-RATED cheese

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