Funny Stories for Kids: Chicken Little


Chicken Little by Rebecca Emberley is one of Reading Kingdom’s recommended funny stories for kids. Melissa Gaynor from Sweet on Books explains why:

“What You Need to Know:

• A hysterical take on an old favorite.
• The illustrations are vibrant, colorful and sure to draw your young reader into the book.
• This story begs to be read aloud.
• This book would make a great gift, even better paired with the authors other title, The Red Hen .
• Click here for an entertaining little video about the book.


This modern take on Chicken Little is sure to delight and amuse every reader, children and adults alike! Chicken Little is especially adorable in this edition, and as ditzy as ever. I am tempted to say that the illustrations are the stars here, but the retold tale is just as clever. The illustrations, done in collage style, have colors that are vivid and bright. The illustrations play an equally important role to the text in this book.

The story is written in a humorous and wry style. When Loosey Goosey joins Chicken Little, Henny Penny, and Lucky Ducky on their madcap escapade, the narrator reminds us they still have no plan, but, “honestly, with names like these, is it any wonder?” This is funny stuff! The surprise twist at the end, unique to this retelling, is what makes this a perfect story for a read -aloud. But it is quite a romp, so not before bed or you won’t get your little one to sleep!”

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