Getting Organized: Health and Immunization Records

Getting Organized Health and Immunization Records

If you have kids, you’ve probably been to the emergency room once or twice.  Or if you have kids like mine, you’ve been there twice with each kid…in the past 5 years.   It never fails, that you need all sorts of information in these emergency situations that you most likely don’t have on hand.

Oh and this scenario is a good one:  you change pediatricians and even though you’ve had your childrens’ files transferred, the new office asks you a million questions about their health history.  What parent has all of that information all together and in their handbag?  None that I know!

While keeping a file box permanently in your car might sound like a quasi-solution, it’s not extremely practical.  Imagine carrying that box into the doctor’s office with you.  And are you really going to stay current in the filing of these documents in your car?  Probably not.

A  better option is to use a super secure online filing system like AboutOne.  This is a system that uses bank-level security and can house any type of document you can imagine.  Storing your health documentation is no exception.  This system keeps track of appointments, medications, allergies, immunizations, insurance information, and much, much more.  It even sends you reminder emails when you’re prescriptions need to be refilled and when you have appointments coming up!  How great is that?

What’s more, later this year, AboutOne will also feature an immunization chart showing you all the immunizations for which your child is due.  No more wondering if your child is up to date with his shots!

And with AboutOne’s mobile app (due to release later this year), you’ll never be without this crucial information when you need it the most.  This will certainly make those emergencies a lot less nerve wracking.

How do you organize all of your health and immunization records?

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