Grandparents love watching grandchildren learn to read!

Grandparents enjoy seeing their grandchildren learn to read.  They’re equally as pleased when the children are provided with plenty of educational resources to help them learn in new, fun ways.  Christine is a grandparent whose granddaughter is learning to read with Reading Kingdom – here’s what she thinks about our program:

“My granddaughter has enjoyed Reading Kingdom. She is learning to read. She loves to play ‘that owl game.’ There is a plethora of information and resources on the website for parents and students. Included are activities for kids, books for kids, apps, reading games for kids, worksheets for kids and much more.” – Christine Hindle

Reading Kingdom is designed as a learning game to keep children’s attention.  Our website is also full of educational resources like great apps for kids, learning activities, the best books for kids and more.  Sign up for a free 30 day trial of our learning program and begin to foster a love for literacy in your children today!