Great apps for kids: Ansel & Clair’s Adventure in Africa

Ansel & Clair’s Adventure in Africa
is one of Reading Kingdom’s recommended great apps for kids. Tim Donovan from YogiPlay explains why:

“At YogiPlay, our in-house team of early childhood educators have reviewed literally hundreds upon hundreds of learning apps for children, but every once in a while they find an app that’s like a hidden gem. Such is the case for Ansel & Clair’s Adventure In Africa produced by Cognitive Kid, Inc.  If you’re looking for an app that packs a whole lot of fun, engagement and learning into a mobile experience, look no further!

For starters, the app’s main narrative is a super fun story about Ansel, a “friendly inter-galactic travel photographer from the planet Virtoos” and his adorable side-kick Clair, a “brilliant Virtoosian robot.” The pair has traveled millions of space miles to Earth (specifically, Africa) to learn about our planet, inhabitants, history, the environment and more.

The app’s core experience is designed so that children can follow & chronicle Ansel and Clair as they journey through some seriously interesting, historically-rich destinations like the Nile Valley, Sahara Desert & Serengeti Plains. This alone makes Ansel & Clair’s Adventure In Africa a perfect app for those kids who dream of being world adventurers.

In a very clever way, the app exposes children to critical thinking via Ansel, who continually asks questions in response to the things and places he’s exploring around him. Some of the questions include: What is a mummy? What is the difference between an alligator and a crocodile? Why are there more plant-eating animals than meat-eating animals? Why are the wildebeest migrating? Why is there snow only on Mount Kilimanjaro and not in the rest of the Savanna?

Additionally, the artwork scores big points from us! The environments and characters are well illustrated with lots of attention to detail (and details worth paying attention to!). The app comes with a TON of awesome interactions, animations, quests, puzzles & games and more, all focused on geography, history and science.

Finally, we want to mention that the app has won some serious awards, including Dr. Toy’s Top 10 Tech Products of 2011, as well as the 2011 Media of the Year Award from Creative Child Magazine.

Combine all of these great features, and Ansel & Clair’s Adventure In Africa is well worth the $4.99 cost to download. We really love this app for its playful experience, rich artwork and great design.

Do yourself and your child a favor and click here to download Ansel & Clair’s Adventure In Africa today.”

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