Great apps for kids: BASHO and Friends

Basho and Friends is one of Reading Kingdom’s recommended great apps for kids. Tim Donovan from YogiPlay explains why:

“At YogiPlay, speaking multiple languages in our office is as common as the average person grabbing a cup of coffee from Starbucks as they head into work; on any given day, you’ll hear French, Spanish, Hindi, Hebrew, Mandarin or Farsi being spoken in conference rooms, hallways and lunchrooms.

These languages reflect the true diversity of our engineers, product managers, developer relations, marketing or business development executives who come to YogiPlay from many wonderful countries and cultures around the world. We can tell you from experience that having multiple native language speakers on our team has been invaluable for partnership discussions and developing new business relationships with leading international mobile learning app developers.

One neat thing we’ve noticed is that the children of our international team members (who we lovingly refer to as “Yogi-kids”) all speak multiple languages, and several of the Yogi-kids can actually go in and out of conversations using up to 3 languages at a time.

Imagine what their language skills will be like when our Yogi-kids are ready to go to university!

Because we really understand the value and appreciate the benefits of being multilingual, we thought it might be nice to recommend a great learning app called BASHO & Friends Language Fun, which teaches young children basic multilingual skills.

With BASHO & Friends, children will experience an interactive, musically-themed edu-game that encourages them to explore new languages and cultures by visiting a fun virtual neighborhood.

Parents, please note that mom or dad should help kids select a game language (language to learn) and then the instructional language (native language to help with instruction) before children begin playing with the app.

Once the app is launched, children can select from any number of  BASHO & Friends language activities, including:

★ Dress-up: Children get to dress up BASHO’s main character, Croco, to get him ready for a trip through the virtual neighborhood. This activity contains a learning mode that lets children hear different language words for clothing items and specific colors.

★ Wheel of Animals: Children listen to the sounds of eight animals (horse, bee, dog, chicken, cow, pigs, cat, duck), followed by the pronunciation of animal names in multiple languages. They’ll also see corresponding written words to help with learning reinforcement.

★ Music Videos: Kids will have fun watching a variety of music-themed videos based on popular songs that introduce the ABCs in English, Spanish and Mandarin.

According to BASHO & Friends, the number of languages available and the number of city locations kids can visit will expand greatly with future releases.

If you’re a parent who would like to give your child the gift of language, try BASHO & Friends today! You might be surprised how quickly your child picks up words from new languages.”
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