Great Apps for Kids: Bobo Explores Light

Bobo Explores Light is one of Reading Kingdom’s recommended great apps for kids. Our friends at YogiPlay explain why:

“For some parents, getting their child to embrace science is like taking them to the dentist to get all of their teeth pulled out.  It’s not fun.  In fact the very word “science” elicits an endless amount of eye-rolls, pouty faces and the mumbling of words like “stupid” or “useless” emanating from across the kitchen table.

Well for those of you who have had this sort of experience, take heart!   Our review team at YogiPlay would like to recommend a super fun + highly informative science app called Bobo Explores Light that will make even the most science resistant child to sit up and take notice.

Designed by the award-winnng (2011 KAPI award) team at Game Collage, Bobo Explores Light is like having the entire San Francisco Exploratorium (museum of science and human perception) shrunk down in mini form and placed right inside your smartphone or tablet.

Developed for children ages 8-12 yr. old, Bobo Explores Light cleverly introduces more than 20, relatively complex concepts related to light.  These concepts include:  lasers, reflection, refraction, photosynthesis, bioluminescence, aurora borealis, the human eye and more.

Children are guided through the app via an animated “bubble-headed” robot from outer space named Bobo. Bobo encourages children to partake in various “physic-based” experiments (touch, move, swipe, pull, poke, etc.) which helps to reinforce the concept topic.  The engagement value is high, so children who thought learning about science would be B-O-R-I-N-G, will instead be pleasantly surprised.

The app also comes with supplementary videos, articles, animations and trivia which are designed to meet children at whatever learning level they feel most comfortable.

What we really love about Bobo Explores Light is that the app really helps to facilitate “active participation”, so every child feels like they’re in charge of the experiment. This is important as we all know that children learn more by “doing” than by sitting on the “sidelines” passively observing.

Now, if you’re a parent who believes that this sort of science concepts might be too complex for children to understand, you’d be wrong.

Let’s face it, kids are smart and tweens in particular, are very capable of understanding relatively complex concepts like photosynthesis.  Remember this is the same age demographic who want their own Facebook page and would text the night away if their folks allowed it.

Finally the cost for Bobo Explores Light is $4.99 (You can download it by clicking here).  Now some parents might feel this is a bit expensive for an app, but we feel the price is well worth the investment. This is because of the app’s well designed, approachable subject matter and the dynamic interactions which truly make the learning experience fun.   And when you get down to it, $4.99 is a small price to pay if it ignites the fire of your own future scientist.”

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