Great apps for kids: Rush Hour

Rush Hour is one of Reading Kingdom’s recommended great apps for kids. Tim Donovan from YogiPlay explains why:

“As a parent, can you imagine being stuck in traffic gridlock and actually enjoying the experience? Sounds crazy, right?

Well, making traffic jams fun (and beneficial) is exactly what award-winning educational game developer Think Fun, Inc. has done; they created a very cool “spatial reasoning” puzzle app for children called Rush Hour.

The goal of the app is simple: figure out how to get the red car out of a traffic jam and through an exit gate in the fewest moves and the shortest time.

The app is intuitive, well-made and features four play levels, including easy, medium, hard and expert. There is a ton of game playtime with a total of 2,500 potential session configurations. Just try to play the same level twice!

The app allows users to save multiple games in-process, and it comes with “hint/reset/undo” buttons to help younger users figure out each puzzle on their own. In addition, there’s a nifty “quick solve” button so users can see exactly what it takes to get the red car out of the exit gate.

Also worth mentioning: the Rush Hour app has won a 2010 Parents’ Choice Gold Award for excellence in mobile play and a 2011 Editor’s Choice Award from Children’s Technology Review.  These awards certify that the app is high in engagement value and learning quality, two things we recommend parents look for when considering apps for their children.

Click here to download Rush Hour.

The price for the app is $2.99, but we think it’s well worth the cost; your kids will love it AND they’ll be painlessly, enjoyably improving their critical thinking skills. It’s “digitally nutritious” all the way!

Rush Hour is a perfect app to take on those long family road trips with the kids. While they’re thinking about how to get their red car out of series of traffic jams, you’ll be thinking about how quiet the backseat is.

Enjoy Rush Hour today!”

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