Travel Apps for Kids: Smart Fish: Frequent Flyer


“Smart Fish: Frequent Flyer” is one of Reading Kingdom’s recommended great apps for kids.  Our friends at YogiPlay explain why:

About the app:

“In this cute app, children are guided step by step from picking a destination, traveling to airport, airport security, baggage claim, and finally arriving at their destination.

How to play:

First, the child is asked to pick a destination and informed of the weather conditions. The child is then expected to pack accordingly with a choice of clothes and toys to place in their suitcase. The child arrives at the airport and needs to go through various steps at the security checkpoint followed by baggage claim.

Overall, this is a fun app that will familiarize young children with these routine steps and help parents prepare them for traveling.”

Ages: 3 to 5
Download Smart Fish: Frequent Flyer for $2.99 on iTunes

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