Great apps for kids: Toy Store Delivery Truck

Toy Store Delivery Truck is one of Reading Kingdom’s recommended great apps for kids. Tim Donovan from YogiPlay explains why:

“All good early childhood educators know that the cornerstone of learning is “time on task”.  Simply put, time on task means the ability to capture a child’s attention long enough so that they understand basic learning concepts.

One of the most effective ways to capture a child’s attention AND their imagination, is by introducing them to learning apps with clever narratives and compelling game mechanics.

The good news is, these days there are any number of great apps on the market rich, immersive experiences that will absolutely teach your child the fundamentals of things like early literacy, phonemes and phonics, primary numbers, learning to count and more.

One app that we know you’ll appreciate and that your kids will love is the well-designed learning-to-count via basic form and color matching exercises – Toy Store Delivery Truck!

Created by one of our favorite developers, MindSmack – Toy Store Delivery Truck’s friendly narrative takes place in a colorful toy factory.  The gameplay centers on toys that roll out on conveyor belts, while children are challenged to quickly sort them into the matching color containers.

This sounds pretty simple, but the app actually requires a good deal of attention and thoughtful concentration as that conveyor belts move the toys along faster than expected – and that’s the fun part.

What we love about this app is not only the inviting toy store narrative and the cheerful graphics, but also the physics “drag and drop” game mechanic (using your fingers to guide toys to containers) which makes the learning experience super compelling.

Children who love physics based apps, will definitely stay focused in trying to match all the color-coded toys and associated containers together in the fastest amount of time.

For kids, the app will seem like all game –  but parents should know that Toy Store Delivery Truck does a great  job at reinforcing primary numbers, basic counting, fine motor skills and finally image and color association and matching.

This little app packs a lot of learning punch!

For a sneak peek inside the app, let us tell you about the start.

For the first level, children are invited to fill three containers with ten toys in each. A number counter is located above each container, to remind kids of the number of toys they’ve sorted or need to sort before the level is completed.

The colored toys roll out on the conveyor belts in various color order, so kids will have to think fast when matching things up. As each level is completed, kids are then transported to other environments including the factory floor, shipping and receiving and then finally out of the factory for delivery.

Given how fun this Toy Store Delivery Truck app is, we think it’s a perfect app for “learning on the go”.

As a parent, if you have to pile your kids into the car while heading off to school, the market or to soccer practice, take this fun little app with you, as it will be a great way to sneak in a little “teachable moment” in between destinations.

We guarantee that you won’t hear a peep from the back seat of the car because your kids will be totally engaged while learning how to count.  And we think that’s pretty cool ;-)”

Click here to download Toy Store Delivery Truck

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