7 great classic children’s books to give as gifts

Some classic children’s books seem to live eternally, being passed down to children from generation to generation. As we gather around the hearth this holiday, we reminisce over memorable moments in our lives and think about the warmth we received from reading great stories to each other.

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Here are 7 great, classic books that children love.

1. Recommended Reading for Kids: Richard Scarry’s Best Storybook Ever
Can you imagine compiling every object that exists in a child’s world? It seems impossible —but Richard Scarry has achieved this feat. From home, to school, to the neighborhood, to the zoo and on and on, this amazing author and illustrator brings the world to a child’s fingertips.

2. Recommended Reading for Kids: The Cricket in Times Square
It’s always a treat when a talented author takes the ambitions and plights of our fellow human beings and let’s us view them through the eyes of our animal compatriots. In this case, it’s a cricket who changes the lives of a host of New Yorkers. Little Chester from Connecticut unwittingly ends up in the Big Apple after jumping into the picnic basket of some unsuspecting New Yorkers.

3. Recommended Reading for Kids: The Winter of Red Snow
The Revolutionary War represents an amazing period that has something important to say to practically everyone. This book is wonderful for offering the perspective of a young girl’s experiences with this vital part of our history.

4. Recommended Reading for Kids: The Snowy Day
The book is deservedly a Caldecott Medal winner that you and your child can enjoy again and again.

5. Recommended Reading for Kids: The Very Hungry Caterpiller
In this entrancing and beautifully illustrated book, a caterpillar hatches and then each day eats through a successive number of pieces of fruit (teaching counting up to five and the days of the week). Then, after going into a cocoon, the little creature hatches into a beautiful butterfly.

6. Recommended Reading for Kids: Shiloh
The link between dogs and people is amazingly powerful and this book shows just how deep and complex the relationship can be. The beauty of this book, a Newberry Award winner, is that it combines heart and morality and responsibility in a language that is compelling for third- and fourth-grade readers.

7. Recommended Reading for Kids: Climbing the World’s Highest Mountain
To the Top: Climbing the World’s Highest Mountain tells the engrossing story of the first successful expedition to reach the summit of Mount Everest.

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