Great Picture Book about Climate Change: How the Weather Works

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Are you looking for short stories with pictures for kids? We recommend How the Weather Works: A Hands-On Guide to our Changing Climate by Christiane Dorion. Melissa Gaynor explains why:

What You Need to Know:

• Designed for ages 4 through 8, this book provides a thorough introduction to weather.
• It may be short, but there is a lot of valuable information here. Don’t expect to read it all in one sitting.
• Although most of the concepts are explained within the text, there is no glossary. Be prepared for additional questions that might arise.
• Each page is crowded with information, so while it is a great book to have in a classroom, it is more suitable to read to an individual rather than to a group.


For any parent who has ever been asked, “Where, what or why…?”, this book will come in handy. It offers the answers to many common questions, like “Where does the rain come from?” and “What is lightning?”. Each two-page spread covers a different concept, making it easy to read one section at a time. If readers want to focus on the atmosphere one day and climates the next, they can do just that. Instead of row after row of text, the information is presented in small portions and in a variety of formats. There are charts, pop-ups, pull-tabs and plenty of graphics to engage the reader. Each page is filled with color and a variety of illustrations that help to reinforce the text.

The topics discussed include the factors that cause the weather, weather fronts, predicting the weather, and climate change. Although the format of the book is geared toward younger readers, the concepts and vocabulary words may be challenging to some. Readers can refer back to this book again and again, though, and will most likely understand more and retain different facts with each reading. You can also bring science to life and try the easy to do experiments that are shared in the book.”

Have your children read How the Weather Works: A Hands-On Guide to our Changing Climate? What did they think of the book?

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