Halloween Book for Kids: Creepy Carrots

halloween book for kids

Creepy Carrots by Aaron Reynolds is a funny and spooky Halloween book for kids to read. Melissa Young from Sweet on Books shares more about this (not too) haunted veggie tale.

What You Need to Know:
Creepy Carrots is a funny and spooky read, just in time for Halloween.
Creepy Carrots is the collaboration of author Aaron Reynolds and illustrator Peter Brown.
• Brown is known most notably for Curious Garden and Children Make Terrible Pets.
• This story is a little spooky, but in a good way, so it isn’t likely to really scare children or have a negative effect on them.

Jasper, our bunny protagonist, is a greedy little fellow. Most days, he feels entitled to help himself to his favorite snack, whenever he feels like it, right out of Crackenhopper Field. But suddenly, something has Jasper looking over his shoulder! Are the carrots stalking him? Every time he turns around he feels like he sees a shadow, but then it’s gone. Jasper’s parents tell him not to worry, there is no such thing as creepy carrots. But is that true? That is for the reader to find out. Let me just say, those creepy carrots are pretty clever! Kids will never look at carrots in the same way again.

While it is a bit spooky, with the carrots stalking the little rabbit and all, it shouldn’t scare your average kid beyond a few goosebumps, during the reading. But, please, do know your audience. If your child is very fearful, this may best be kept as a middle of the afternoon-all the lights on-kind of read and not, necessarily, as a bedtime story.

Aaron Reynolds’ funny story is taken to the next level with Brown’s hilarious pencil renderings. The largely black/white/orange illustrations, convey the right amount of fear and comedy. It is a little spooky fun, just in time for Halloween. Brown said he was influenced by film-noir and The Twilight Zone for this project, and it is obvious. Take a look at this interesting video explaining Brown’s inspiration for the book’s drawings and its production. It is really an A-Z informational video about how he illustrated this book. Definitely share this video with your children after the reading, because it will take them behind the scenes and explain just how the book was created. It will be like getting an entertaining peek behind the curtain, ala the land of Oz.

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