Healthy Kids Recipes: Fairy Freckle Juice


Our friends at Super Healthy Kids are celebrating the alphabet with the creation of matching healthy kids recipes!  To celebrate the letter F, there is no more fitting fare than their fairy freckle juice!  Here’s more:

Letter F week continues with Fairy Juice! You must be very careful with this drink if you don’t want freckles!  But our fairies take a break from flying long enough to take a sip and get their freckles back.  They need their freckles!

The Freckle Fairy takes:

  • 1 packet of Emergen-C
  • 8 ounces of sparkling water
  • sliced strawberries

She combines all three and sips while she’s waiting for her next flight.

You don’t have to use the sparkling water, you can just use regular water.  I love Emergen-C! You can find it in most grocery stores (I get it at Walmart).  I usually find it by the vitamin section.  It’s quite inexpensive and a good way to get some vitamin C, B vitamins and sometimes more, depending on which package you buy.   It does not contain synthetic dyes either, which we love!  It’s a great alternative to soda pop or other sugar filled drinks.

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