Homemade Fudge Pops

Updated Version of an old time favorite….Fudge Pops

In my household I am not sure if the heat is worse on me or my children, my youngest does not handle being sweaty very well. One way we try to beat the heat is eating one of our favorite cooling treat…Fudge Pops!

Instead of heading to the grocery store and picking some up with a TON of unnecessary ingredients in them, you can just make them at home. One of the ways we make them a bit healthier is adding some GREENS to it. We love squeezing the Great Greens HAPPYFAMILY Tots, they are easy to find at your local Target store and the kids LOVE to squeeze them…and it’s great for their fine motor skills.

Great Greens Fudge Pops


1 can of pure coconut milk

1 Grrreat Greens TOTS

½ cup of unsweetened cocoa

Sweeten to taste with either honey or palm sugar


I purposely made them “green” pops by adding a tsp or so of Spirulina

I also added a tsp of vanilla to counter the strong Spirulina taste : )

Blend all together until smooth

Pour mixture in BPA free popsicle molds (Kidco makes a some)

Freeze and watch your kiddos devour them! The coconut milk brings a natural sweetness to them as well as richness. The Great Greens and Palm Sugar or honey sweetens them without the use of refined white sugars. The chocolate just makes it familiar and yummy for the kids.

About the Author

Happy Baby FoodTrina O’Boyle is the Social Media Manager for Happy Baby Foods, one of the leading organic food companies that caters to babies and children. Trina is the proud mother of two healthy boys, and makes sure she fills their daily diets with healthy, organic foods free of pesticides and preservatives.

Trina has a love for gardening and getting her children involved in the whole process, from picking out the seeds for that year’s crop,  weeding the garden and best of all harvesting the crops at the end of the season.

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