Homeschool Mom Turns Reading Into Play!


Another homeschool mom has become witness to seeing her kids have fun as they learn to read. Here’s what she thinks about the game-like approach used in our online reading program:

Reading Kingdom is very simple to use. Princess Magpie was very excited by the idea of it. She has never had any exposure to computers at all in the past, so we did have to work on the very basic mouse and keyboard skills. But she was so excited by this and loved “playing” with it so much that I know that program is going to be a lot of fun for her for this whole year!

I love that this program is progression based. It builds on skills that are already mastered instead of just picking something random to work on next. It seems to be a logical sequence for moving forward.

All in all, I found this program outstanding and I can see this being a big part of our homeschool lesson plans throughout the remainder of the year as Princess Magpie increases in her reading skills as well as her motor skills.

Make sure you take time to check out the resources link on the Reading Kingdom website. There are lots of great extras as well as detailed information about the program which may help you decide if this program is right for your child:

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