Homeschool parent reviews our online reading program!

Reading Kingdom is more than just a program that will teach kids to read.  Jill is excited to share her family’s thoughts about our online reading program.  Here’s what she thinks about Reading Kingdom’s approach to learning to read:

“My 7 year old has been having a ball with the homeschool product review, The Reading Kingdom. It is a fun and adventurous online reading program that captures the students’ attention for a lengthy amount of time. I was extremely pleased with the improved fine motor skills my son obtained while “playing” this online reading program, Reading Kingdom. Conveniently, I only had to monitor the first initial assessment session to assure that my son was catching on and understanding the mechanics of the program. Reading Kingdom’s website is very thorough and helpful in informing the parent of the logistics of the reading program.  It is very organized and easy to manipulate.” – Jill Craft

Teach your kids to read on their own with our online reading program.  You’ll be just as happy as Jill when your children love what they’re learning.  We’re so confident that you’ll love Reading Kingdom that we’d like to offer you the first 30 days FREE.  We’ll see you soon!